carolanna parlato

nature games

january 4 february 2 , 2008

reception: friday, january 4, 6-8 pm

The Elizabeth Harris Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition titled nature games by Carolanna Parlato. This exhibition will be her first with the gallery.

Parlato recently wrote about her work:

I observe colors in my everyday life, from the plastic toys and dishes piled high in a 99-cent store to the pastels of a late afternoon sky.  The intersection of nature and artifice in my painting is manifested through the use of glossy primaries, toxic greens, acid yellows and oranges, as well as various hues of neutral grays and browns. Material manipulation becomes a visual metaphor for the natural world: oozing paint dispersions interact with playful squiggles creating a dynamic fusion of lush chromatic effects with sensuous surface modulation. Multiple layers of looped and curled forms pile on top of one another masking color underneath but failing to conceal submerged shapes.  Consistent with my earlier works, abstraction plays with the flow and drip of paint in tension with the landscape genre. 

I am a collaborator with the paint, responding to its fluidity, its spatters, and spillages.   The paintings are built up with an acrylic gel similar to putty or tar Experimentation with the paint's plasticity has become an important part of my studio practice. Central to these paintings is the somewhat paradoxical relationship between the quasi-chance process of pouring and the rigor of the control exercised over the procedure. This suspends the works between the indeterminate and the intentional.

The Gallery is located at 529 West 20th Street , 6 th floor, and is open Tuesday through Saturday 11 6 pm. There will be a reception for the artist on Friday, January 4, from 6-8 pm. 

For further information contact Miles Manning at 212 463-9666.