In the world of DIY fashion, creativity intertwines with practicality! Unleash your sewing prowess with our curated collection of headband sewing patterns.

Whether you’re a seasoned seamstress or a novice passionate about crafting, these patterns offer a spectrum of styles to complement every personality.

From chic and contemporary designs to timeless classics, our headband sewing patterns cater to various tastes and occasions. 

Dive into the art of crafting headbands that effortlessly elevate your outfit, be it a casual day out or a special event. With detailed instructions and versatile templates, you’ll find the perfect pattern to channel your unique flair.

Discover the joy of making accessories, allowing you to express individuality with each stitch. Join us on this creative journey as we unravel the world of headband sewing, where the fabric meets style, and your imagination takes center stage.

Headband Sewing Patterns

18 Headband Sewing Patterns

With our Headband Sewing Patterns, start a creative adventure and make your fabrics your canvas. Unleash your sewing skills and fashion flair as you explore various stylish designs. 

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, our patterns offer a seamless journey into crafting headbands that reflect your unique style. Let the threads of creativity weave elegance into every stitch!

1. Classic Knot Headband

Classic Knot Headband

Embrace the art of sewing with our Classic Knot Headband pattern. This beginner-friendly design exudes simplicity and style. Crafted easily, this headband is a versatile accessory, elevating your look effortlessly. 

Whether you choose bold prints or subtle solids, the classic knot adds a touch of sophistication to your creations, making it a wardrobe essential for every season.

2. Twist Headband

Twist Headband

Elevate your accessory game with our Twist Headband sewing pattern. With a contemporary twist on the classic design, this headband brings elegance to your ensembles. 

The twist detail adds a subtle charm, perfect for those seeking a sophisticated yet modern look. Dive into a world where fashion meets creativity and stitch headbands that seamlessly blend style and comfort.

3. Ear Warmer Headband

Ear Warmer Headband

Stay both cozy and stylish during colder weather with our Ear Warmer Headband sewing pattern. This design serves as a fashionable statement and ensures your ears are snug and warm. 

Choose plush fabrics for ultimate comfort, and customize them to match your winter wardrobe. Combine warmth with style as you bring this practical yet chic accessory to life.

4. Knotted Headband

Knotted Headband

Infuse a playful touch into your summer wardrobe with our Knotted Headband sewing pattern. The charming knot detail adds flair to the classic design, making it a delightful accessory for sun-soaked days. 

Experiment with vibrant colors and patterns to create warm and cheerful headbands. Unleash your creativity, and let each knot tell a story of joy and style.

5. Headband with Bow

Headband with Bow

Discover the perfect fusion of femininity and customization with our Headband with Bow sewing pattern. This versatile design allows you to infuse your personality into each creation. 

Add bows in different fabrics, sizes, or colors for a personalized touch. Craft headbands that complement your outfit and express your unique style. Let your creativity soar as you embark on the journey of bow-adorned elegance.

6. Crisscross Headband

Crisscross Headband

Elevate your workout gear with the sporty and unique Crisscross Headband. This sewing pattern offers a stylish twist perfect for active lifestyles. 

The crisscross design adds flair to your look and ensures a secure fit during workouts. Stitch-up headbands that seamlessly blend fashion with functionality, allowing you to break a sweat in style.

7. Headband with Button Detail

Headband with Button Detail

Infuse a touch of whimsy into your accessories with our Headband with a Button Detail sewing pattern. Decorative buttons add a playful charm to this headband, allowing you to showcase your creativity. 

Experiment with button sizes, colors, and arrangements to create personalized pieces that effortlessly elevate your style. Let your imagination run wild as you embark on a button-adorned crafting adventure.

8. Turban Headband

Turban Headband

Wrap yourself in luxury with the Turban Headband sewing pattern. This elegant and timeless style brings a touch of sophistication to your ensemble. 

Whether you choose rich fabrics or vibrant prints, this headband exudes luxury. Dive into turban-inspired fashion, where comfort meets glamour, and create headbands that make a statement.

9. Headband with Scrunchies

Headband with Scrunchies

Combine two trends in one with our Headband with Scrunchies sewing pattern – a perfect blend of fun and functionality. The scrunchies add a playful touch while ensuring a secure fit. 

Experiment with contrasting fabrics or matching sets to create headbands that hold your hair in place and showcase your unique style. Craft accessories that are both trendy and practical.

10. Padded Headband

Padded Headband

Experience extra comfort for all-day wear with our Padded Headband sewing pattern. This design prioritizes comfort without compromising on style. Perfect for those long days when you want a snug yet fashionable accessory.

Choose soft, padded fabrics for a luxurious feel, and create headbands that provide a delightful blend of comfort and chic style.

11. Headband with Pockets

Headband with Pockets

Revolutionize your accessory game with the Headband with Pockets sewing pattern. This innovative design allows you to keep your essentials close at hand, combining practicality with style. 

Create headbands that seamlessly integrate storage pockets, offering a convenient solution for carrying small items while on the go. Embrace the fusion of fashion and functionality with this unique and versatile sewing project.

12. Headband with Removable Flowers

Headband with Removable Flowers

Personalize your style effortlessly with our Headband with a Removable Flowers sewing pattern. This design offers the freedom to interchange blooms, allowing you to customize your look for any occasion. 

Experiment with different flower styles, colors, and sizes to create headbands that reflect your ever-changing moods. Unleash your creativity and let each headband tell a story of versatility and floral elegance.

13. Headband with Elastic Back

Headband with Elastic Back

Ensure a snug and comfortable fit with the Headband with an Elastic Back sewing pattern. This essential design prioritizes style and comfort, featuring an elastic back for a secure hold. 

Whether crafting for casual outings or active pursuits, this pattern guarantees a headband that stays in place while adding a stylish touch to your attire.

14. Headband with Lining

Headband with Lining

Elevate your headbands with luxury and durability using the Headband with Lining sewing pattern. This design introduces a lining for added comfort and longevity. 

Choose luxurious fabrics for a premium feel, creating headbands that look exquisite and stand the test of time. Dive into the world of lined accessories, where luxury meets practicality.

15. Headband with Ruching

Headband with Ruching

Craft headbands that flatter your silhouette with the Headband with Ruching sewing pattern. This design adds a touch of femininity with strategically placed ruching. 

Experiment with different fabrics to create headbands that complement your unique style while enhancing your overall look. 

Stitch-up accessories that celebrate the beauty of ruched detailing, creating a flattering and stylish finishing touch.

16. Headband with Mesh Overlay

Headband with Mesh Overlay

Introduce an element of allure to your accessories with the Headband with a Mesh Overlay sewing pattern. 

This design seamlessly blends sophistication with a touch of mystique, creating headbands that showcase the beauty of mesh detailing.

Experiment with contrasting fabrics or subtle neutrals to craft pieces that add an intriguing and fashionable edge to your ensemble.

17. Headband with Multiple Bands

Headband with Multiple Bands

Explore a trendsetting look with our Headband with Multiple Bands sewing pattern. This contemporary design features layered bands, adding dimension and flair to your accessories. 

Customize the number and arrangement of bands to create headbands that make a bold statement. Elevate your style with this fashion-forward pattern, perfect for those seeking a unique and eye-catching accessory.

18. Headband with Matching Scrunchie Set

Headband with Matching Scrunchie Set

Unleash your creativity with the Headband with Matching Scrunchie Set sewing pattern. This versatile design combines the charm of headbands with the practicality of scrunchies, offering a cohesive and stylish set. 

Experiment with coordinating fabrics and patterns to craft accessories that hold your hair in place and add a delightful matching element to your overall look.


Are these headband sewing patterns suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! Our collection includes patterns tailored for various skill levels. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced seamstress, you’ll find patterns with clear instructions to suit your expertise.

Can I customize the size of the headbands to fit different head shapes?

Yes, many of our patterns come with sizing options and guidelines for customization. You can easily adjust the dimensions to fit any head shape or size perfectly.

What types of fabrics work best for these headband sewing patterns?

These patterns are versatile and accommodate a range of fabrics. Cotton, jersey, and silk are popular choices, offering comfort and style. Experiment with different textures to achieve the desired look for your headbands.

How long does it typically take to complete a headband using these patterns?

The time required varies based on the complexity of the pattern and your sewing proficiency. On average, most headbands can be completed within a few hours. Beginners may take a bit longer, but the joy of creating your accessory is well worth it!

Can I sell headbands made from these patterns?

Absolutely! You can sell your creations once you’ve crafted headbands using our patterns. We encourage sharing your handmade accessories with others, whether it’s through personal use, gifting, or setting up a small business. 


The beauty of crafting extends beyond the finished product; it encompasses the joy of creation and the satisfaction of wearing something truly unique. 

With our headband sewing patterns, you’ve embarked on a journey that merges fashion with personal expression.

As you stitch and tailor each piece, remember that you’re not just making a headband but weaving a story of style and self-discovery.

Whether gifting your creations or adorning yourself with the fruits of your labor, relish that every thread and seam carries a piece of your artistry.

Embrace the empowerment of crafting your accessories, and let your headbands symbolize your ingenuity. We hope these patterns have inspired you to continue exploring the world of DIY fashion. 

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