Enter the captivating world of 20 Tapestry Crochet Patterns, where the fusion of color, texture, and intricate designs creates a canvas of creativity.

Tapestry crochet is an art form that marries traditional craft with modern aesthetics, offering a unique approach to crocheting. 

These patterns go beyond simple stitches, weaving a tapestry of stories and visual delights.

From stylish accessories to home décor, each pattern is a testament to the versatility and beauty that tapestry crochet brings to the hands of crafting enthusiasts.

Elevate Your Creations With 20 Tapestry Crochet Patterns

Supplies Needed For Tapestry Crochet Patterns

Here are some needed supplies 

  1. Worsted weight yarn in multiple colors
  2. Crochet hook (size specified in pattern)
  3. Yarn needle
  4. Stitch markers
  5. Scissors
  6. Measuring tape
  7. Blocking materials (pins, blocking mat)
  8. Safety pins
  9. Beads or charms (optional)
  10. Graph or chart for the tapestry pattern

20 Tapestry Crochet Patterns

Explore the world of intricate patterns and vibrant colors with our curated collection of Tapestry Crochet Creations.

From practical accessories to charming home décor, these projects showcase the beauty and versatility of tapestry crochet, combining texture and design in delightful ways.

1. Diamond Lattice Tapestry Crochet Rug Pattern  

Diamond Lattice Tapestry Crochet Rug Pattern  

Elevate your living space with the Diamond Lattice Tapestry Crochet Rug Pattern. This intricate design combines the art of tapestry crochet with a diamond lattice motif, resulting in a visually stunning rug that adds texture and warmth to any room. 

The combination of precise stitches and a carefully chosen color palette transforms this rug into a functional work of art, showcasing the versatility and beauty of tapestry crochet in home decor.

2. Tapestry Circles Pillow  

Tapestry Circles Pillow  

Introduce a touch of contemporary flair to your living room with the Tapestry Circles Pillow. This tapestry crochet pattern combines circles of various sizes, creating a visually dynamic and modern pillow cover. 

The meticulous stitches and vibrant colors bring this accessory to life, making it a statement piece that adds comfort and style to your home. Enhance your decor with this unique fusion of geometric design and tapestry crochet craftsmanship.

3. Crochet Diamond Tote Bag  

Crochet Diamond Tote Bag  

Carry your essentials in style with the Crochet Diamond Tote Bag. This tapestry crochet pattern features a diamond-inspired design, turning a simple tote into a fashion-forward accessory.

The combination of sturdy stitches and the geometric motif showcases the durability and beauty of tapestry crochet. 

Whether heading to the market or out for errands, this tote bag becomes a functional and eye-catching companion, reflecting your crochet skills and sense of fashion.

4. Red Heart Tapestry Flower Pot Cozy  

Red Heart Tapestry Flower Pot Cozy

Add a touch of charm to your indoor plants with the Red Heart Tapestry Flower Pot Cozy. This crochet pattern combines a pot’s coziness with tapestry crochet’s intricate beauty. 

The red heart motif adds a sweet and heartfelt touch to your plant display, making it a delightful addition to your home decor. 

Showcase your love for crochet and greenery with this unique and functional cozy that brings warmth to your favorite potted plants.

5. Titan Tapestry Crochet Bag  

Titan Tapestry Crochet Bag  

Make a bold statement with the Titan Tapestry Crochet Bag. This pattern combines the strength of tapestry crochet with a dynamic design, resulting in a bag that seamlessly blends fashion and functionality. 

The intricate stitches create a striking pattern, while the durable construction ensures this bag can withstand the demands of everyday use.

Whether used as a stylish tote or a statement accessory, the Titan Bag showcases the power and artistry of tapestry crochet in fashion.

6. Silverstone Argyle Cowl  

Silverstone Argyle Cowl  

Wrap yourself in sophistication with the Silverstone Argyle Cowl. This tapestry crochet pattern combines the timeless appeal of argyle patterns with the cozy comfort of a cowl. 

The intricate stitches create a harmonious blend of colors, forming a statement piece that adds a touch of elegance to your winter wardrobe. Whether paired with a coat or worn as a standalone accessory, this cowl showcases the beauty and versatility of tapestry crochet.

7. Charlie Brown Pattern  

Charlie Brown Pattern

Embrace nostalgia with the Charlie Brown Pattern. This tapestry crochet design pays homage to the beloved character with its iconic zigzag pattern. Perfect for a cozy blanket or throw, this pattern brings the charm of Charles Schulz’s classic creations into your home. 

The combination of simplicity and whimsy makes it a delightful project for crochet enthusiasts and fans of the Peanuts gang.

8. Chinook Toque  

Chinook Toque  

Stay warm in style with the Chinook Toque. This tapestry crochet hat pattern offers a blend of coziness and flair. The intricate stitches form a captivating design, turning a simple toque into a fashionable accessory. 

Whether you’re braving chilly winds or adding a trendy touch to your winter outfits, the Chinook Toque showcases the artistry of tapestry crochet, making every stitch a statement.

9. Tapestry Crochet Cardigan  

Tapestry Crochet Cardigan  

Step into the world of high fashion with the Tapestry Crochet Cardigan. This pattern elevates the classic cardigan with intricate tapestry crochet designs, creating a garment that blends warmth and style seamlessly. 

The carefully selected colors and patterns turn this cardigan into a wearable piece of art, perfect for making a bold statement during the cooler seasons. It’s a testament to the limitless possibilities of tapestry crochet in fashion.

10. Neva Fair Isle Crochet Hat and Mittens  

Neva Fair Isle Crochet Hat and Mittens  

Embrace the charm of Fair Isle with the Neva Crochet Hat and Mittens. This tapestry crochet pattern brings a touch of Nordic elegance to your winter accessories.

The intricate colorwork and detailed stitches create a coordinated set combining functionality and a timeless aesthetic. 

Whether heading out for a winter walk or enjoying outdoor activities, the Neva set ensures you stay warm in a beautifully crafted ensemble.

11. Multi Chevron Washcloth  

Multi Chevron Washcloth  

Indulge in the art of tapestry crochet with the Multi Chevron Washcloth. This pattern elevates the humble washcloth into a stylish and visually dynamic piece. 

Adorned with intricate chevron stripes created through precise tapestry crochet stitches, this washcloth serves a practical purpose and adds a touch of modern elegance to your bath routine.

The vibrant colors and geometric patterns make it a delightful addition to your self-care rituals.

12. Geo Potted Plant Covers  

 Geo Potted Plant Covers  

Transform your indoor plants into artful displays with the Geo Potted Plant Covers. This tapestry crochet pattern introduces a fusion of geometric shapes and lively colors, providing a chic covering for your plant pots. 

The result is a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics, turning your green companions into decorative elements that enhance your home’s ambiance with a modern flair.

13. Bunny Baby Blanket  

Bunny Baby Blanket  

Crafted with love and adorned with adorable bunny motifs, the Bunny Baby Blanket is a tapestry crochet masterpiece designed for the little ones. This pattern combines the softness of a baby blanket with the charm of playful bunnies, creating a cozy and visually appealing accessory for nurseries. 

Carefully selecting colors and intricate stitches ensures this blanket becomes a cherished handmade gift, wrapping babies in warmth and sweetness.

14. Floral Tapestry Top  

Floral Tapestry Top  

Embrace a bohemian vibe with the Floral Tapestry Top. This tapestry crochet garment features a beautiful array of blooming flowers, creating a stylish and unique top that stands out in any wardrobe. 

Combining floral motifs and tapestry crochet stitches creates a visually captivating piece that blends comfort and fashion effortlessly. Whether paired with jeans or a skirt, this top adds a touch of handmade elegance to your wardrobe.

15. Chevron Tapestry Clutch Bag  

Chevron Tapestry Clutch Bag 

Elevate your accessory collection with the Chevron Tapestry Clutch Bag. This pattern combines a clutch’s practicality with tapestry crochet’s artistic flair. 

The chevron design, carefully crafted with precision stitches, adds a contemporary and chic element to the bag. Whether heading out for a casual day or a night on the town, this clutch bag becomes a statement piece, showcasing your crochet skills and sense of style.

16. Tapestry Zipper Pouch  

Tapestry Zipper Pouch  

The Tapestry Zipper Pouch merges practicality with aesthetic appeal. This pattern transforms an ordinary pouch into a visually stunning accessory through the intricate art of tapestry crochet. 

With a harmonious blend of colors and patterns, the pouch becomes a stylish statement piece, perfect for showcasing your crochet skills and carrying essentials uniquely and fashionably.

17. Polka Dot Mug Rugs  

Polka Dot Mug Rugs  

Elevate your coffee or tea moments with the delightful Polka Dot Mug Rugs. These charming coasters, adorned with playful polka dot patterns in tapestry crochet, bring a whimsy and personality to your daily rituals. 

The fusion of vibrant colors and precise stitches makes these mug rugs functional and a delightful addition to your home, adding a pop of joy to every sip.

18. Windrose Rug  

Windrose Rug  

Introduce an enchanting element to your living space with the Windrose Rug. This tapestry crochet masterpiece combines mesmerizing patterns and a harmonious palette to create a captivating decor piece. 

The rug’s intricate design, crafted through the art of tapestry crochet, transforms any room into a haven of artistry. Functional and visually stunning, the Windrose Rug is a testament to the endless possibilities of this crochet technique.

19. Heart Washcloth  

Heart Washcloth  

The Heart Washcloth brings love and warmth to your self-care routine. Crafted with tapestry crochet, this heart-shaped washcloth serves a functional purpose and adds a heartfelt charm to your bath or shower experience. 

The careful selection of colors and meticulous stitches showcase the beauty of tapestry crochet, turning an everyday item into a small, meaningful work of art that enhances your moments of relaxation.

20. Gingham Twist Dishcloth  

Gingham Twist Dishcloth  

Reimagine the classic gingham pattern with a modern twist in the Gingham Twist Dishcloth. Through the art of tapestry crochet, this dishcloth seamlessly blends traditional aesthetics with contemporary design. 

The result is a practical and visually appealing kitchen accessory that brings a creative touch to your culinary space. With precise stitches and a vibrant color palette, the Gingham Twist Dishcloth makes everyday chores a delightful and stylish experience.

How To Sew Tapestry Crochet Patterns?

Sewing tapestry crochet patterns is the final step to bringing your intricate creations to life. This process ensures that the colorwork is seamlessly joined and your project has a polished and cohesive appearance. 

Follow these seven steps to achieve a professional finish for tapestry crochet projects.

Gather Materials 

Begin by gathering your materials—completed tapestry crochet pieces, a yarn needle, and matching yarn. Ensure your needle suits the yarn or thread used in your project.

Thread the Needle 

Thread your yarn needle with a length of yarn that complements the colors in your tapestry crochet project. Knot one end securely, leaving the other end free for sewing.

Position and Pin 

Lay your tapestry crochet pieces flat, ensuring the right sides face up. Align the edges of the pieces and use pins to secure them in place. This step is crucial for maintaining the correct positioning during the sewing process.

Choose a Stitching Technique 

Select a stitching technique based on the stitches used in your tapestry crochet pattern. Standard methods include a whipstitch, slip stitch, or an invisible stitch. Ensure the chosen technique results in a neat and secure seam.

Start Sewing 

Begin sewing the tapestry crochet pieces together, starting at one end. Work your way along the edges, maintaining even tension. Sew through both loops of the stitches to create a sturdy and even seam.

Weave in Ends 

Once you’ve sewn the pieces together, secure the yarn with a knot and weave in the loose ends using your yarn needle. This step ensures a clean and finished appearance, concealing any loose threads.

Block and Finish 

Block your tapestry crochet project using pins and a blocking mat to ensure the pieces are flat and the stitches are well-defined. Allow the project to dry completely before using or displaying. 

With these steps, your tapestry crochet creation is now professionally sewn and ready to showcase the intricate beauty of colorwork.

Sewing tapestry crochet patterns requires attention to detail and precision to showcase the vibrant colors and intricate patterns. Follow these steps to seamlessly join your pieces, creating a finished project that reflects the artistry of tapestry crochet.


Can I use any type of yarn for Tapestry Crochet Patterns?

Tapestry crochet works well with various yarn types, but choosing a yarn with minimal stretch and good color definition is ideal. Cotton yarn is popular for its stability; experimenting with different fibers can produce unique textures.

How do I manage color changes in Tapestry Crochet Patterns?

Color changes in tapestry crochet involve carrying both colors along the row. Maintain tension evenly, ensuring the unused color is neatly hidden inside the stitches. Practice and patience help achieve smooth and tidy color transitions.

Can I create wearable items with Tapestry Crochet Patterns?

Absolutely! Many tapestry crochet patterns offer versatile options for creating garments like hats, scarves, and cardigans. The technique’s colorwork lends itself beautifully to fashionable and personalized wearable items.

Is Tapestry Crochet only for flat projects?

No, tapestry crochet is versatile and can be adapted for flat and three-dimensional projects. This technique allows for a wide range of creative possibilities beyond flat surfaces, from blankets and rugs to bags and hats.

Can I sell items made from Tapestry Crochet Patterns?

In most cases, yes. Many tapestry crochet pattern designers allow the sale of finished items created from their patterns. It’s essential to review and adhere to each pattern designer’s specific terms of use to ensure compliance.


As our exploration of Tapestry Crochet Patterns draws close, we celebrate the vibrant Tapestry of creativity these patterns unveil.

Whether you’re a seasoned crocheter or a newcomer to the craft, the world of tapestry crochet offers endless possibilities to infuse your projects with personality and flair. 

These patterns result in beautiful creations and provide a canvas for self-expression and artistic exploration. 

Embrace the richness of colors, the intricacy of designs, and the joy of bringing unique tapestry crochet pieces to life, making every stitch a brushstroke in the masterpiece of your handmade journey.

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